Custom Rom CyanogenMod7.2 RC1 by vo-1 MIRACLE Edition V2 For Galaxy Ace

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Buat tambahan koleksi Custom rom buat galaxy Ace okey juga nich hehehehe, porting dari Cm7 dan memakai thema ICS terbentuklah sebuah Custom Rom CyanogenMod7.2 RC1 by vo-1 MIRACLE Edition V2,okey langsung saja previewnay Bekicot................

What is changed in this modded rom:
-- deodexed by me using latest xultimate
-- removed 33 system apps. Rom still 100% functional.
-- includes GPS and Sensors Patch by lagloose but updated by me with sources from XXKPT and needs a personalisation setting by you otherwise it won't work
-- includes Adrenaline Script by imbawind
-- modified 05mountsd script in system\etc\init.d in order for sd-ext to be mounted as ext4 and not ext3. So now link2sd can mount your sd-ext as ext4 also.
-- deleted provision.apk so no need for double setup when phone first starts
-- default launcher changed to LauncherPro
-- torch and live wallpapers (picker) still included
-- default theme is now Original ICS Theme by Achep
-- default system font now is Roboto (regular, bold + thin for lockscreen)
-- includes Google Play Music 4.1.513
-- ICS layouts were created by me for this rom and ready to flash

The following apps were removed. You can still download latest versions for some of those deleted from market. For others, there are way better apps than those deleted. You choose, make this rom your own!
ADWLauncher.apk, Androidian.apk, Calculator.apk, CMStats.apk, CMUpdateNotify.apk, CMWallpapers.apk, Cyanbread.apk, Developrment.apk, DSPManager.apk, Email.apk, FileManager.apk, Gallery3D.apk, GenieWidget.apk, GoogleBackupTransport.apk, GoogleFeedback.apk, GooglePartnerSetup.apk, GoogleQuickSearchBox.apk, HTMLViewer.apk, LatinImeTutorial.apk, LiveWallpapers.apk, MagicSmokeWallpapers.apk, MediaUploader.apk, Pacman.apk, Protips.apk, Provision.apk, QuickSearcBox.apk, RomManager.apk, Stk.apk, Talk.apk, VisualizationWallpapers.apk, VoiceDialer.apk, VPNServices.apk, YouTube.apk

How to install
1. Βοοt into CWM5 Recovery
2. wipe data/factory reset, wipe cache/dalvik
3. format cache/data/system/sd-ext
4. install
5. reboot
6. almost done!
7. Check 2nd Post for how to finalize GPS configuration, install layouts, and make rom fastest it gets.
8. Now it's done...hope you like it!

Bugs (no bugs so far just some tips)
-- All seems to be working great so far. GPS tested and it's very fast, wifi and data all work fine, sensors all work (hw libraries are taken from stock XXKPT, they are not the same as in vo-1's rom)
-- Some users still wanna mount sd-ext as ext3 instead of ext4 or having troubles try restoring apps that were on sd-ext mounted as ext3 before. So here is the default 05mountsd file. Go to system\etc\init.d replace and change permissions to rwxr-x---
-- Ok, this is not a bug but since Adrenaline script replaces default sqlite3 with a different version, it is best to replace that with the default file. Go to system\xbin replace sqlite3 and change permissions to rwxr-xr-x




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